Randomised control trial of stand-alone resistance training in people with Chronic Psychotic Disorders

In recent years, there has been increasing focus on the use of exercise interventions for people with chronic psychotic disorders, not only to improve the physical health of this population but also as a strategy to improve mental health outcomes, with a growing evidence base regarding the positive impact of exercise on symptoms and functional outcomes (positive symptoms, negative symptoms, quality of life and functioning).

A gap in current literature is that very few studies in people with chronic psychotic disorders have compared types of exercise with each other. Specifically, few trials in people with schizophrenia have addressed comparisons between aerobic and resistance training protocols and those that have, have evaluated physical parameters such as brain volume or physical fitness, rather than mental health outcomes.

Forty participants (40) undergoing psychiatric rehabilitation will be recruited through three Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Service Community Care Units (Logan, Coorparoo and Bayside).

Using an exploratory 8 week randomised, controlled trial; the primary objective in this study is to assess the feasibility and acceptability of stand-alone RT compared to control, moderate intensity interval training (MIIT) for people with chronic psychotic disorders undergoing psychiatric rehabilitation.

Secondary Objective is to determine if 8 weeks of stand-alone RT compared to control, (MIIT) improves mental (functioning, mental health symptoms) and physical health outcomes.

This research is headed by Dr Nicole Korman (Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Service) and funded through PA Foundation. The Clinical Support Unit at QCMHR headed by Andrea Baker will coordinate the study.

This study is ongoing and looking for volunteers!   If you would like to participate in this study, please email Andrea Baker on andrea_baker@qcmhr.uq.edu.au.


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