Lead Investigator:  Associate Professor Fiona Charlson

Funded by: NHMRC Early Career Fellowship – APP1138488

In partnership with:  World Health Organisation


United Nations estimates suggest that more than 128 million people worldwide are directly affected by conflict – the highest number of people affected since World War Two. This dramatic increase in people affected by conflict coincides with a growing interest in mental health, as exemplified by the adoption of the of the Mental Health Action Plan 2013-2020 by 194 World Health Organisation (WHO) Member States.

In 2005, the WHO estimated the prevalence rates of mental disorders among people affected by humanitarian emergencies. However, these estimates were not based on systematic reviews of evidence. In partnership with WHO, we are updating estimates of rates of mental disorders in conflict–affected populations by updating systematic literature reviews for PTSD and depression, searching for a wider range of disorders, and applying Bayesian meta-regression techniques while adjusting for predictors of mental health disorders in conflict settings.

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