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The Policy and Epidemiology Group’s Evaluation Team is led by Dr Zoe Rutherford. Zoe is an expert in using mixed-methodologies to evaluate community-based health improvement interventions with the aim of informing decisions about future design, delivery, and sustainability.  In conducting evaluations, Zoe partners with organisations to determine project scope and governance, and to co-design projects that meet population needs. This includes determining an appropriate evaluation framework; the most appropriate quantitative and qualitative methods; involving stakeholders and consumers; and agreeing on realistic and impactful deliverables.

In order to translate research into policy and practice, Zoe and her team work with organisations to produce meaningful outputs to support implementation.

Team Members
  • Dr Zoe Rutherford (Team Lead)
  • Dr Caitlin Vayro
  • Ms Meaghan Enright
Current Projects


Queensland Mental Health Community Support Services (MH-CSS) Program Evaluation

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