Funded by: NHMRC

Lead Investigator: Mr Alexander Ryan

Project Team: A/Prof James Scott, A/Prof Judith Greer, Dr Stefan Blum, A/Prof Gail Robinson, Mr Alexander Ryan

The M1 Study aims to investigate if particular aspects of the immune system are involved in the development of psychotic mental illnesses. Molecules called antibodies, which are usually produced by the body’s immune system to help clear infections, may sometimes mistakenly attack healthy parts of the body and cause disease. This study will measure levels of antibodies that target a type receptor in the brain, the M1 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor (m1AChR), in people presenting to hospital for the first time for treatment of psychotic symptoms. It will be investigated whether m1AChR antibodies are related to particular symptoms of psychosis and whether the presence of these antibodies at onset are related to the subsequent development of chronic illness. Understanding the development of psychotic mental illnesses is necessary to inform effective interventions, and if a clear link between anti-m1AChR antibodies and psychosis is established this will potentially lead to trials developing novel treatments for those experiencing psychotic mental illness.

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