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QCMHR has a vibrant Higher Degree Research student community, consisting predominantly of students enrolled via The University of Queensland’s School of Public Health, or Queensland Brain Institute.

Learn more about our current higher degree research students below.

Sanam Ahmadzada

Email: s.ahmadzada@uq.edu.au

Supervisors: Associate Professor Fiona Charlson

PhD Title: Mental health and stigma in refugee and migrant communities: co-designing a Mental Health Promotion Program and Toolkit

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Md Mamun Al-Amin

Email: m.alamin@uq.edu.au


PhD title:

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Suhailah Ali

Email: s.ali@qcmhr.uq.edu.au

Supervisors: A/Prof Fiona Charlson, Professor Harvey Whiteford, Dr Alize Ferrari, and Dr Damian Santomauro

PhD Title: Quantifying the contribution of psychosis and bipolar disorder to excess mortality

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Tabinda Basit

Email: t.basit@uq.edu.au

Supervisors: Dr Alize Ferrari and Prof Harvey Whiteford

PhD Title: Determinants and correlates of mental and substance use disorders amongst Indigenous Australian

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Elnike Brand

Supervisors: A/Prof Ed Heffernan and Angela Rasch

PhD Title: Comprehending the sexual health and sexuality in men with chronic mental illness: An epidemiological study

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Bobbie Clugston

Supervisors: Assoc Prof Ed Heffernan, Prof Philip Burgess and A/Prof Meredith Harris

PhD Title: The prevalence of mental disorder amongst persons involved in police negotiator events in Queensland

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Kyna-Ann Conn

Email: k.conn@uq.edu.au

Supervisors: A/Prof Thomas Burne and Dr James Kesby

PhD Title: Dissecting mechanisms underlying decision making deficits in schizophrenia

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Tara Crandon

Email: Tara.Crandon@QIMRBerghofer.edu.au

Supervisors: Prof James Scott, A/Prof Fiona Charlson

PhD Title: The effects of climate change on youth mental health

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Fiona Davidson

Supervisors: Prof Philip Burgess, Tony Butler, David Greenberg, A/Prof Ed Heffernan

PhD Title: A comparison of court liaison and court diversion services throughout Australia for people with mental disorders

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Zilong Du

Email: zilong.du@uq.edu.au


PhD Title:

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Jonathan Flintoff

Email: j.flintoff@uq.edu.au

Group: A/Prof Thomas Burne, Dr James Kesby and Prof Dan Siskind

PhD Title:Impact of learning on brain networks in rodents




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Giovanna Franze


Supervisors: Prof Harvey Whiteford

PhD Title: How can digital mental health be effectively integrated within a stepped-care framework in
the Australian Mental Health Care System?

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Kate Gossip

Email: k.gossip@uq.edu.au 

Supervisors: Professor James Scott, Dr Sandra Diminic, Dr Holly Erskine

PhD Title: The role of non-clinical mental health services in improving functional outcomes among young adults (18-24 years) with mental disorders in Australia

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Kara Jaeschke

Email: k.jaeschke@qcmhr.uq.edu.au

Supervisors: Prof Harvey Whiteford, A/Prof Fiona Charlson, A/Prof Meredith Harris and A/Prof Thomas Burne

PhD Title: Modelling Global Treatment Coverage for Mental Disorders

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Annika Luebbe


Supervisors: Prof Harvey Whiteford, Dr Sandra Diminic, and Dr Zoe Rutherford

PhD Title: Rural Mental Health

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Phoebe Mayne

Email: p.mayne@uq.edu.au

Supervisors: A/Prof Thomas Burne, Patricio Opazo, and Dr Robert Sullivan

PhD Title: The role of perineuronal nets in spatial learning and memory

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Modhurima Moitra


Supervisors: Dr Alize Ferrari, James Collins, Prof Theo Vos

PhD Title: Applications of Meta-Analytic Approaches to Inform Global Burden of Disease Estimates for Mental Disorders

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Dr Katherine Moss

Email: k.moss1@uq.edu.au


PhD Title: The Development and Implementation of a Physical Activity Intervention for Patients with Severe Mental Illness in a Forensic Setting

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Nick Myles


Supervisors: Prof Dan Siskind and Prof Steve Kisely

PhD Title: Investigating the possibility of clozapine rechallenge using granulocyte-colony simulating factor (G-CSF) in people previously experiencing clozapine-induced neutropenia

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Imogen Page

Email: i.page@uq.edu.au

 Supervisors: Dr Alize Ferrari, Dr Sandra Diminic, Associate Professor Tim Slade, Professor Harvey Whiteford

PhD Title: Estimating population-based needs for mental health services: a comparison of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians with a current mental disorder

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Alex Ryan

Email: alex_ryan@qcmhr.uq.edu.au

Supervisors: Prof James Scott, A/Prof Judith Greer

PhD Title: The aetiopathogenic role of autoantibodies against the M1 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor in patients with first episode of schizophrenia

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Jamileh Shadid

Email: j.shadid@uq.edu.au

Supervisors: Dr Alize Ferrari

PhD Title: Estimating the global epidemiology and burden of personality disorders

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Claudia Sparti

Email: c.sparti@qcmhr.uq.edu.au

Supervisors: Dr Sandra Diminic and Professor Harvey Whiteford

PhD Title: Mapping mental health services in Australia

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Sunil Srivastav

Email: s.srivastav@uq.edu.au

Supervisors: Prof Darryl Eyles and Dr Xiaoying Cui

PhD Title: Enhanced  Dopamine in Prodromal Schizophrenia (EDiPs): a model to explore the tonic and phasic aspects of dopamine signaling in schizophrenia

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Tim Tanzer


Supervisors: Prof Dan Siskind, Professor Steve Kisely, and A/Prof Michael Barras

PhD Title: Quality and Safe use of Clozapine

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Man Tamang

Email: m.tamang@uq.edu.au

Supervisors: Prof Darryl Eyles and Dr Asad Ali

PhD Title: Developmental vitamin D deficiency and autism: exploration of potentially causal mechanisms

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Alisha Tromp

Email: a.tromp@uq.edu.au

Supervisors: Prof Bryan Mowry and Dr Jean Giacomotto

PhD Title: Investigating and characterising schizophrenia risk genes in zebrafish

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Svetlina Vasileva

Email: s.vasileva@uq.edu.au

Supervisors: Prof Darryl Eyles and Prof Dan Siskind

PhD Title: The Gut Microbiome of Mice and Men: Reverse-Translation of Microbiome Outcomes Relevant to Autism and Schizophrenia

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Hamza Vayani

Supervisors: Prof Adrian Cherney and A/Prof Meredith Harris

PhD Title: Transcultural Mental Health Expertise Contribution to Countering Violent Extremism – A Comparative Approach – Australia & the UK

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Nicola Warren

Email: n.warren@uq.edu.au

Supervisors: Prof Dan Siskind, Professor Steve Kisely, Associate Professor Stefan Blum

PhD Title: Psychiatric clinical decision making in anti-NMDAR encephalitis

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