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Our vision is to be knowledge leaders in mental health research that aims to reduce the impact of mental illness in our communities.


Established in 1987, Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research (QCMHR) is Queensland’s premier mental health research centre, working to create new knowledge about mental health across thirteen research streams:

Our work spans the translational research continuum – taking mental health knowledge from the bench to the bedside, and into the community – to achieve our vision of reducing the impact of mental illness in our communities.

QCMHR’s dedicated team of researchers, professional staff, and higher degree research students work tirelessly in the laboratory, and with mental health services, planners, policymakers, and those who experience mental illness to:

  • Conduct research that seeks to understand the causes of, and determinants of, mental disorders; to quantify the prevalence and burden of mental disorders; to conduct clinical trials of new treatments, and to create new knowledge about optimal interventions and service systems to prevent and treat mental disorders and associated conditions;
  • Provide research and consultancy services to conduct reviews of scientific evidence, data analysis, service planning, training, and program evaluation including tracking the outcomes of mental health services and programs;
  • Educate future mental health professionals and researchers by offering professional development, workshops, and webinar opportunities and by partnering with The University of Queensland to offer higher degree research opportunities; and
  • Develop and provide evidence-based information and advice to inform policy and planning; and
  • Empower advocates with evidence to improve investment in mental health initiatives.


A detailed history of the Centre can be found in the article Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research: the first 17 years, written in 2004 by Professors John McGrath, Bryan Mowry, and Harvey Whiteford.

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